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About us

I started casting pewter in 1959 in one of the many specialist metalworking craft workshops that are part of the ancient tradition of the city of Brescia. Over ten hard but profitable years of apprenticeship I learnt all the secrets of an age-old art, learning to love this ancient yet so contemporary alloy.

In 1970 I started up on my own.
In a small shop, which I still remember with nostalgia, I created my first antique pewter reproductions, seeking forms that were faithful to the originals not only in their final appearance but also through the respect for ancient traditions and values in the way that they were made. The even scratches and tiny marks from wear and tear that characterised the originals were incorporated as elements within our reproductions.

Then I started creating original objects in a classic style which I designed and planned down to the smallest detail. Over time we developed a range of more than 500 articles for the home and for gifts and which we sell worldwide. 

We have always had the desire to explore new ideas in the design and production of pewter objects so that pewter plays a leading part in the style and taste of future generations. Today, with the precious cooperation of my daughters Paola and Sara, we have entered upon new ambitious projects which reinterpret pewter combining tradition and modernity.


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