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Processing stages

All stages of productions are carried out internally: the project, the creation of the master pattern, the mould, the purchase of the raw material, the casting, the finishing, the packaging.

Alfredo Marinoni and his daughter Sara are personally involved in the design. During the first phase, the item is conceived and the technical drawing is realized. Alfredo creates the prototype by hand and after its final approval, we make the production mould.

The pewter alloy is formed by melting the metal ingots into the melting pot at the temperature of about 300°C. Whilst the mould is rotating rapidly on the turntable of the centrifugal machine, molten pewter is ladled into the central orifice and is forced by centrifugal force through the runways into the mould cavities. After few minutes the metal cools and solidifies and the as-cast is formed.

The mould is then opened, the casting prised and the spures removed with a strong wire cutter. Subsequently, the quality of the metal is brought out by a series of buffing and polishing operations.

Many items are made up of several parts e.g. a pitcher is made up of a “body”, a base and a handle and a candleholder is made up of a shaft, branches and a base. It is therefore necessary to join each part to the other by soft soldering.

The surface of the item is smoothed and brightened by putting it into a vibrating tank filled with chips (abrasive inserts). Item is then checked and straightened with special hammers.

Depending on the taste of the customer, we now give the object its final appearance. This can be highly reflective or mat and those looks can be achieved by buffing and polishing (for the first one) or by immersion in a colouring solution and then cleaned with a soft cloth (for the second one).

The item is now checked once again and accurately packed.

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