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Marinoni Pewter

We have been creating pewter objects for the table and the home for nearly 50 years, following the tastes and the needs of our customers. 

Tradition, creativity and meticulous attention to every detail combine to create unique and original objects.

Pewter is an alloy composed of tin and small quantities of antimony and copper. Since ancient times, due to its ductility, it has been used by man for the creation of items for everyday use. 

The Marinoni range of pewter is very extensive, the materials used in the manufacturing process are of the highest quality and our attention to detail in all aspects of our business is meticulous. The pure alloy we use in all our products is 95% tin, mixed with a small amount of antimony and copper. The complete absence of lead ensures that our pewter products are completely non-toxic and perfectly safe for use in eating and drinking, compliying to the EEC and USA regulations regarding contact with food and beverage.

Each individual object is handmade then “aged” using an exclusive method that creates small surface irregularities and which makes each item unique.

Our articles are available in two different finishes.

The antique-style finish enhances the warm colours of the pewter and the imperfection of hand-crafted product.

The polished finish gives the metal great character and elegance.

Remember, to look for the “Marinoni” owl on our products as this is the only way to ensure that you have an original item from the Marinoni collection. It has been the tradition since the 16th century for each Pewter Master to sign his work with his own stamp and the Owl is the symbol that distinguishes the originality of each individual Marinoni piece.


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